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Made it to Skunk Bay last Sunday afternoon.  Set up right on the edge of a big flat, right on the corner where it had deep water on 3 sides.  We had rods set up along the break from 14-38 feet.  A few holes landed on top of a bunch of smallmouth bass.  They would look at the bait for a while but once you convinced them to bite they would crush it!  We caught about a dozen smallies with the biggest around 2 pounds.  The walleye and sauger didn't cooperate until right at dark.  The last half hour of daylight showed multiple fish but no takers.  They were real finicky and finally I convinced a nice 19 inch sauger to bite.  Then right at dark i triggered a few small walleyes with a small jig and minnow.  I got 4 in a row as fast as i could get the rod back down the hole.  Then they shut off.  It seems the fish are a bit scattered once you get away from the upper west end of Sakakawea.  The dandy walleyes from the summer are out there, but just like this summer it will take some exploring to find them.  I'll be headed back out this weekend to see what I can find!  

The Rooster Run is only a few weeks away get signed up while you can!

Rooster Run Flyer

Rooster Run Rules and Application 

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