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2-26-14 Fishing Report & Rooster Run Recap

Well the 2014 Rooster Run Ice Fishing Tournament is all wrapped up and we are looking forward to next year!  We once again want to thank all our sponsors for conrtibuting and making this event even better!  Things didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped but we have already decided on some changes that will be made for next year.  If you have any constructive comments or concerns please email me and we will adress them.  Just remember this tournament is put on by fisherman for fisherman so we like to participate as well.


Thanks again to all our Sponors

DroptineProduction Services

Dakota Tackle

Scott’s Bait and Tackle

Veterans Roustabout and Hot Shotting

Sportsman’s Loft


Andrus Outdoors

Thrivent Financial


For my brother Nick and I we had a little bit of a tough bite, especially compared to last year...  We had a few places where we had caught some decent walleyes prefishing but it was never real consistent.  We never found a consistent sauger bite like we had the last year.  Our first afternoon was real slow only managing to catch 5 keeper sized fish and only 3 of those were what i would conisder decent at best.  We did catch a bunch of 11-13 inch walleyes that kept us busy during the evening bite.  We ended the day with 7 pounds and change and around 15th place.  The overnight bite really saved us from having a real disappointing tournament.  Nick caught 3 18-20 inch walleyes from 1-3am, without those fish we are looking at the same weight as the day before.  We managed to catch 6 keeper fish on day 2 and weighed 11 pounds and change.  We focused on rock points in 18-28 feet of water for our walleyes.  Some of the saugers came in that range during the 1 and last hours of daylight.  The other saugers came in 55-65 feet.  We ended the tournament tied for 7th place and the paid to 6 places... FRUSTRATING.  Here are the final results for the tournament: Rooster Run Final Results


We should have about a month left of good ice fishing, I will try and report when i get chances to go out so stay tuned!



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