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3-29-13 Summer Preview!!!

Well the calendar says that spring has sprung, but looking outside it's hard to see that.  We have had below average temperatures and the ice is still solid on the Lake Sakakawea.  This year could allow some of the latest ice fishing on record.  But I imagine with warmer temps forecasted next week the shorelines will start getting soft.  We could be river fishing by mid-April and on Lake Sakakawea around the 1st of May.  The outlook for Sakakawea is very good with great populations of Walleye, Northern Pike, and Smallmouth Bass! (click the links to see pictures)  The water levels are forecasted to be a little bit lower than last year which will help concentrate the fish this year, but for the long term we need a little bit higher water to maintain the cold-water forage base.  I will be available for fully guided fishing trips beginning June 6th.  I can provide trips specifically targeting walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass.  Or choose all 3!

Smallmouth Bass

Last year all through June we had the best smallmouth bass fishing ever seen on Sakakawea.  They should have grown and be ready to put up a great fight again this year!  Pound for pound they might be the hardest fighting fish in Lake Sakakawea!  We can cast crankbaits, pitch jigs, and even try some topwater lures for some exciting acrobatic strikes!  Call me to book your North Dakota smallmouth bass trip! Again June is the best month for bass although I caught some all year even through the ice(a first for me)!!!

Northern Pike

The high water the past couple years have allowed the Northern Pike to flourish!  In the next ten years Lake Sakakawea will be a Pike fisherman's dream!  Most of the fish are still on the smaller end(2-10lbs) but it takes big fish to produce the numbers of small fish we have in the lake.  Every year there are many fish over 20 pounds caught!  50+ fish days are not uncommon, I have plenty of tackle to provide you with a great day of pike fishing!  Don't expect too much down time, you will be tired at the end of a busy day catching northern pike.  Pike are also great table fare, but people shy away from them because of the Y-bones.  I know how to remove them and will clean your pike for you.  North Dakota increased the daily limit to 5 last year so you can go home will a couple great meals!  Call me to set up your action packed northern pike trip!!!


Walleye are my main focus most of the summer, with their always changing demeanor and great table quality, I have nothing but love for the walleye!  They can be a constant challenge and I love trying to figure out the puzzle and putting them in the boat.  In my opinion there is nothing that compares to eating a freshly caught deep fried walleye!  The year classes of walleyes are very good with many fish expected to be in the 4-7 pound range! There should also many in the 1-2 pound range which is perfect for the frying pan!  I always like to let the fish tell me what they like so we may end up trying many different tactics to put numbers of walleye in the boat.  If you have a preference please let me know and we can start with that!  Generally in the summer pulling bottom bouncers and spinners or slow death rigs is the ticket with live bait.  Contour trolling crankbaits is also a very productive way to put fish in the boat!  Call me today to book your trip to catch mouth watering walleye!!

Williston Sport and Rec Show

The 2013 Williston Sport and Rec Show was a great success and I had a great time teaching the kids about fishing.  Hopefully the kids had just as much fun as I did!  We gave away 50 rods to the kids at the seminars on Saturday and Sunday courtesy of the NPAA and their Future Angler Foundation!  We also gave away a tackle box to Cody that was donated by Scenic Sports!

I will be venturing out to chase some walleyes and northern pike this weekend.  This time of year is the time for big pike!  They will be in the back bays up shallow feeding as they are getting ready to spawn.  The walleyes should also be migrating to the spawning areas and generally shallower.  Late ice can produce some great fishing as long as you take proper precautions because the ice can be unpredictable.  I will report back with the results.

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