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Thursday, June 20 we headed out of Deepwater Bay a little bit later than planned due to severe thunderstorms going through the area.  I was a little bit nervous since that the fish wouldn’t cooperate after that show Mother Nature put on.  But the walleyes didn’t care about the thunderstorms… They wanted to eat!  Slow Deaths and crawlers were the best but lindys and minnows or leeches also caught plenty of fish.  We had 15 in the boat relatively quickly and then as the wind came up we put the cranks down.  The walleyes and northerns loved the cranks in 10-12 feet at about 2.3-2.8mph.  One northern loved the cranks so much it ate even with a full stomach!  We noticed the big stomach then looked inside its mouth!  We decided it needed to go to the cleaning table for closer examination, that revealed a 16 inch sauger in its stomach!  Our total count for the day was 32 walleyes, 5 northerns, and 2 Smallmouth bass!   

Then today Friday, June 21 I had Ethan his son Bohden and nephew Jalen out  for another fishing adventure!  We again went out of Deepwater bay and had the same program as yesterday!  Again the fish liked crawlers, minnows, leeches, crankbaits, you name it!  Our total count for the day was 48 walleyes, 8 northerns, and 4 smallmouth bass, 2 drum, and a few white bass as well!  Jalen caught his first fish ever today! Ethan had a personal best walleye!  Bohden caught a big beautiful white bass!  It was a great day out on the water with action a plenty!   Check out the photo gallery for all the pics from the trips!

I have 2 days available next Monday or Tuesday if you want to book a trip while the fishing is hot!  I then will be busy and won’t be taking any more trips until the 11 of July.  July is very busy for me with 3 fishing tournaments so call asap to book the days I have available!

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