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6-6-14 Fishing Report

Fishing has been pretty good this past week!  The bigger walleye have been a little bit difficult to find but the eaters have been going pretty good.  Lindy's with crawlers or leeches, along with jigs pitched to the bank have been the best baits.  The jigs are usually tipped with some type of paddle tail plastic, instead of live bait and that has been working very well.  Fish are generally up shallow with most fish in the 7-12 foot range, with some coming even shallower.

The northern pike have been surprisingly sparse, we have caught a few each day but nothing like the prior years where you could catch 50 or more a day.  

The smallmouth bass are just getting ready to move up onto the beds, so they should be up on shallow gravel bars and easy to catch here soon.  They have been a little hit and miss so far, but each day we are catching a few more so in the next week or so they should be biting hard!

If you are interested in a trip give me a call! Also for your convenience check out my availability calendars! 

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