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Wow, It's been way too long since I've updated my fishing reports.  I've been very busy with golf practice, school and preparing for a new baby boy expected to arrive October 2nd!  

First off the Casino Cup Recap is pretty simple.  We had a few decent fish located a LONG ways from the start point, so we made the long runs both days and the bigger fish just didn't bite...  We caught alot of fish but nothing with any size so we ended up placing much lower than we would have preferred. But that's fishing!  Again I'd like to thank Mike Russell and Concord Energy Transportation for sponsoring us in these tournaments!  

Fishing the past few weeks has been pretty good up on the west end of the lake from Lewis & Clark State Park to White Earth Bay!  The fish on this end of the lake have not followed the trend on moving deep with hot weather.  Our best bites have been coming in 5-12 feet, we have caught a few out to 16 feet.  Crankbaits have out produced spinners but yesterday it was the opposite.  Nightcrawlers were the bait of choice!  The fishing has been great all summer on Lake Sakakawea and believe it or not, it should only get better as fall sets in!  Big fish that are scattered right now should group up and put on the feed bag to fatten up for the winter!  Fall is usually your best chance at a whopper Lake Sakakawea Walleye!  The River up near Williston also cleans up and the big walleyes are lurking and catchable as well!

I am now busy with school, so i am unable to guide during the work week, but i do have some weekend dates available.  Also with baby due Oct 2nd I will be guiding only out of Lund's Landing or Lewis & Clark State Park for the time being.  You may have noticed there is now a deposit page on my website, this 50% deposit is now required to reserve your date.  Please call first to confirm that I have the date available, then you can pay the deposit.  Paypal is the preferred method to make a deposit, but I can accepts credit cards over the phone(requires a 2.99% charge).  Once i receive your deposit I will call to confirm the date!  Deposits are refundable until 5 days prior to the trip.  Otherwise they are NONREFUNDABLE except for weather cancellations or cancellations on my end due to baby being born!  Sorry for the inconvenience but it is a necessary thing due to previous cancellations the morning of scheduled trips.

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