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Spring is coming???

Well eventually we will get spring weather and the ice will melt...  It does look to be a while still with people still needing extensions on the ice augers!  One thing we do know is that when the ice melts the walleyes will be plentiful.  I attended the ND Game and Fish Advisory Board meeting last week and they said there was great natural reproduction last year and walleye numbers are among the highest on record!  They also mentioned that bait fish was abundant so that means good things for many years to come!  Northern Pike numbers aren't as good as they have been but the size is increasing! We saw a good number of big fish through the spear holes this past winter.  The water levels for Lake Sakakawea are looking good with predictions of peaks around 1846.  The mountains that feed the lake are approaching snow pack similar to 2011 when we saw record highs on the lake. 

We have 4 boats lined up and ready to fish this summer so we can get you out almost any day you want at the moment.  We can accommodate almost any size group so give us a call to book your Lake Sakakawea fishing adventure! 701-770-6746

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